Killing time

Short Blog - Beer blog

I'm currently waiting on a client to get back to me about what grade they're after for their project. I thought I'd do a quick shoot and grade to pass the time. I have no affiliation with the beer brand, John Boston, I just drink their beer occasionally, prob get sued for this post, probably in jail right now. I shot it on my Blackmagic pocket cinema camera and used the sun (Jesus) as my gaffer, plus a reflector. 

Focus the eye

The most important thing in any grade, is to understand where you want the audience to look. For this, I centred the product (maybe needed to be more to  the left) and had most of the light hitting the product from the right hand side. For the light source, I used the sunlight coming in from the window and  a reflector underneath to add a little more fill light. Without this fill, it was just a little too dark in some parts of the product.

I added a vignette around the beer, added contrast, sharpness, saturation and warmed it up. I  added a warmer light coming in from the right side. For the left hand side, I added a "outside node" which means you're grading the opposite of whatever you just did. For this, I darkened it up a lot, took out a lot of contrast and blurred the image slightly. I added a little bit of blue into the left hand side shadows, this created a nice colour contrast to the warmth of the product and helped focus the eye to the middle.

As you can see, production design isn't one of my strengths, so I went with a wood cabinet.  Wood always looks good on camera and it was near a window, so win win. The colour of the beer label and the wood added a nice colour compliment to each other. I sprayed the beer bottle and can with a bit of water to add a little bit more interest. 

Ungraded (click on image to see full screen)


Overall my main focus was having the labels showing, nice light contrast and giving a warm feel to the product. Good way to kill some time and good practise.

There's some really great colourist on YouTube who talk about their work on commercials. it's interesting how they speak about creating colour contrast in their images,  this is something I'm trying to focus on more. 

Some more projects coming up soon, so busy again. 

Ps: no skin tone talk, but then again, I just did so.....